Logistics and Manufacturing Sites

Biddle specialises in providing optimal industrial climate control for buildings with high ceilings such as warehouses, logistics centres, manufacturing plants and industrial buildings.

With our selection of industrial air curtains and industrial air heaters, you can easily adjust and tailor your industrial climate to meet your specific needs.

Industrial air curtains for easy logistics

In industrial premises such as industrial halls, workshops, warehouses, and cold stores, doors are frequently open for extended periods to facilitate the loading and unloading of goods. However, these open doors can lead to heat loss and disrupt the indoor climate.

The Biddle IndAC2 air curtain is the perfect solution for achieving climate separation in industrial buildings. It can be used for separating indoor and outdoor environments as well as for indoor climate separation. Installing the IndAC2 improves comfort levels and boosts efficiency in various settings, from warehouses to high-tech manufacturing plants.

The IndAC2 provides unrestricted access for transportation purposes while preventing the air exchange when there’s an open door. IndAC2 can help to create healthy working conditions and maintain well-conditioned rooms.

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Discover Effective Industrial HVAC Solutions

  • Efficient Logistics and Comfort

    Our advanced technologies ensure an effective climate separation at the door opening, utilising warm air at ceiling level to automatically maintain a comfortable working environment at floor level. This results in fast and safe transport, a stable and comfortable indoor climate, and significant energy savings.

  • Your partner

    With our wealth of experience, we serve as your trusted partner throughout the entire process, aiming for the best industrial climate solution for your building.