Rectifier Technology

The Biddle air curtains SR and DoorFlow are equipped with the patented rectifier technology. 

The laminar air flow created by the rectifier technology prevents cold and warm air from mixing, resulting in a comfortable indoor temperature.

High Yield and Energy Efficiency

Because of the difference in temperature between inside and outside areas, air always moves in the vicinity of an open door: warm air streams in and cold air streams out. The patented rectifier ensures that the air turbulence caused by the fans is transformed into a laminar air stream. The air stream reaches the floor at a much lower air speed than air curtains without the rectifier. The tight air stream prevents cold air from streaming out. This achieves a climate separation efficiency of over 90%.

Key Advantages

  • Creates a laminar air stream that reaches the floor at a much lower air speed, making it ideal for applications where the door height is greater than the air curtain width

  • Prevents large air displacement, resulting in energy efficiency and reduced costs

  • Provides exceptional climate separation efficiency

  • Offers enhanced downward penetration, ensuring efficient use of heat energy

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