Comfort Air Curtains

Managers of retail and commercial outlets know the importance of accessibility for their customers. They also know that adopting a policy of ‘open door’ trading means the issue of cold draughts and high energy bills will need addressing. An air curtain does not act as a physical barrier, but conditions incoming air and reduces the amount of warm air escaping from the building. An air curtain should therefore enhance comfort and save energy.

Patented technologies
With any air curtain it is essential that the ‘jet’ of air reaches the floor and covers the entire door width. Research and development programmes establish that without careful temperatures measurements in the door opening, automatic control of discharge velocity and temperature, and without use of Biddle’s patented rectifier, laminar and energy efficient flow is not achieved.

  • Increased comfort
  • Energy savings
  • Tried, tested and trusted over many years
  • Simple to install - plug & play
  • Control flexibility