Providing Maximum Comfort, Energy Savings and Efficient climate separation

Biddle has a great deal of experience in designing climate solutions that are tailored to retail environments. Whether it is in making sure stores are welcoming and comfortable, maintaining a constant, comfortable climate in buildings with multiple entrances and numerous floors or providing supermarkets with a complete climate control solution utilising heat recovery to maximise energy savings and reduce CO2 emissions, or ensuring produce is maintained at the correct temperature in the cold store area, our team can design a system that best meets your needs and budget.  You can trust Biddle as we have been designing solutions for the leading retail chains and supermarkets across Europe for years. 

Air Curtains for Efficient Climate Separation

Open doorways make buildings more welcoming and inviting. However, they can lead to significant heat loss, resulting in higher energy bills and reduced customer comfort. Biddle’s industry leading air curtains greatly reduce the amount of heat lost and condition incoming air before it enters the building. Our air curtains provide an efficient climate separation between indoor and outdoor areas, allowing your customers to enjoy a pleasant shopping experience whilst you are saving on energy costs. The intelligent Biddle SR air curtain automatically adjusts air distribution and heat output in line with changing outside conditions, delivering even greater comfort, efficiency, and significant energy savings.

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Proven Technology

In recent years, commercial buildings of all types have become increasingly well insulated to maximise energy efficiency. This makes them more cost effective to heat and run. However, it can have a negative effect on the indoor air quality. Good ventilation is essential to prevent this, but if it is not carefully controlled, it can lead to heat loss and increased energy consumption. Biddle’s proven ventilation system with heat recovery pre-heats clean, fresh air as it enters the building using the energy/warmth from the air that is vented out. As a result, it is not only highly energy efficient, but also very cost effective.

Efficient Climate Systems for Retail

Heating, cooling, and ventilation account for a significant proportion of any supermarket's running costs. Biddle’s industry-leading products can be used together in various combinations to create a complete climate control solution to maximise energy savings.  Our climate systems are designed to be highly energy-efficient and can work hand in hand with Heat Recovery units. The Air2Air Heat Recovery technology captures waste heat and re-uses it to provide additional heating or cooling. This technology can lead to significant energy savings, making it a cost-effective choice for leading supermarket chains.


Shopping Centres

Biddle can provide guidance and expertise in selecting the right combination of products to maintain comfortable and energy-efficient environments throughout your shopping centre, benefitting both shoppers and tenants alike.



Biddle can guide you in selecting the right systems for your supermarket, air curtains at the entrance, heat recovery or CC in the store area, NOZ2 at the warehouse, FCUs in the offices and specialist air curtains in the cold stores. Each solution can be tailored to your specific store needs.



The Biddle team of experts can provide tailored guidance in selecting the right combination of climate control products to ensure that your boutique maintains optimal comfort levels while maximising energy savings.

Your Partner in Climate Solutions

Our team work together in consultation with you to understand your priorities and will work closely with your design team to create a best practice solution, that will meet the exact requirements of your project. We can work side-by-side with your installers, providing professional training and customised products, as well as expert support at every stage of the installation process, where it is needed. Our full-scale design service includes everything from calculations, master planning and templates, to project management and ongoing continuous improvement.

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