Achieve Easy Access and Optimal Climate Separation

At Biddle, we understand the importance of easy and safe access to cold stores while ensuring a constant temperature and minimising misting and icing-up. That's why we have developed patented climate products specifically designed to create the best climate separation between the cold store and the ambient environment. Our innovative solutions ensure a laminar airflow that covers the entire open door, preventing the mixing of warm and cold air between the two rooms.

Why choose Biddle for your cold store needs?

  • Easy Access & Fast Logistics: Our climate solutions enable convenient access and smooth logistics for your operations, allowing for efficient movement of goods.
  • Constant Climate in Cold Areas: With our products, you can maintain a consistent climate in your cold areas, ensuring optimal conditions for your stored items.
  • Full-Scale Service: We provide a complete service package, from initial assessment to ongoing support, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
  • Perfect Climate Separation: Our solutions offer efficient separation between different rooms and temperature zones, allowing you to maintain precise control over the climate conditions.

Cold store climate solutions

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Discover Effective Cold Store HVAC Solutions

  • Extensive climate separation

  • Reduced misting in the door opening

  • Easy access and fast logistics

  • Improved visibility

  • Reduced icing on the floor