Designed to enhance comfort and maximise energy savings, this innovative air curtain delivers a continuous and consistent level of performance while requiring minimal upkeep.

One standout feature of the Invisidor DOORFLOW is its carefully developed design to minimize maintenance. A purpose-designed coil/heater battery effectively reduces the accumulation of dust and debris between the coil fins, eliminating the need for filters. This unique design ensures not only minimal maintenance but also provides a continuous and long-lasting level of performance.

With its sleek and minimalist style, the Invisidor DOORFLOW is suitable for all types of entrance environments, ranging from fashionable boutiques to schools and colleges. Its modular nature allows for seamless integration, enabling multiple units to be joined together to cover any door width seamlessly.

Like all air curtains from Biddle, the Invisidor DOORFLOW utilizes the proven and patented rectifier technology, delivering conditioned air at low speed with minimum turbulence. This ensures that the air stream reaches the floor effectively, enhancing comfort within the entrance area without energy wastage.

The Invisidor DOORFLOW offers flexibility in heating options, with electric or water heating available. Combined with the advanced energy-saving ECONTROL controller, this air curtain optimizes energy savings by adjusting air volume and temperature. Whether operated manually or automatically, the ECONTROL provides precise control over air curtain performance and comfort conditions in the entrance environment. Additional features like timer clocks, door contact switches, or room thermostats can be integrated for enhanced flexibility.

Available as an electric or water heated horizontal air curtain, the Invisidor DOORFLOW is offered in free hanging, recessed, or cassette styles, catering to various installation requirements. With heat outputs of up to 25kW and suitable for installations up to 3.1m high, the DOORFLOW ensures efficient and effective climate control.

Experience maximum comfort and energy savings with the Invisidor DOORFLOW air curtain from Biddle. Choose from a range of paint finishes and configurations to suit your entrance environment. Discover the long-lasting performance and superior efficiency of this exceptional air curtain. Contact us to learn more about the Invisidor DOORFLOW and its benefits for your space.