Energy efficiency
The stark difference between the temperature of the outside environment and that inside the cold store means that controlling the climate is a complex issue, as each time the door is opened, the temperature changes again.
Therefore, rather than just using doors or plastic strip curtains to maintain ideal temperatures, mounting a cold store air curtain above a doorway can provide an effective climate solution. Not only do they limit energy loss from the cold store, but they also reduce carbon emissions and increase a plant's overall energy efficiency.

Safety Levels
Air curtains can improve both accessibility and traffic levels, making entry to cold stores faster and safer for workers as they don't have to constantly open and close doors.
Also, issues of misting and reduced visibility that doors create can be avoided – this clearly helps to improve safety within the space. Air curtains also dry out floors near entrances, which could otherwise get wet and become a safety hazard.

Maintenance Costs
Reduced maintenance costs come as a natural effect from improving safety and energy efficiency levels.
Higher traffic levels and increased comfort contribute to a more productive workplace; there is less money being spent on wasted energy, and less chance of product spoilage that can occur due to unstable temperatures.

How can Biddle help?

Biddle has extensive, practical experience in climate separation in cold stores. Each site has different needs, which is why we carry out a full site survey before recommending the best solution.

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