SR Comfort Air Curtain

SR air curtains are the ideal solution for retailers and other commercial users to combat the issue of climate separation across their outlet or office building doorway. The importance of accessibility to attract customers in the retail sector is well-known, but with this free form of access through ‘open door’ trading, cold draughts and high energy bills are often the consequence. 

The impressive results achieved by the SR are made possible thanks to a combination of four technologies. The revolutionary patented i-sense infrared technology collects all temperature related data in the doorway. CHIPS technology translates this information into the correct setting, whilst the adaptable discharge width (Controlled Air strength technology) and the patented rectifier technology create the perfect climate separation.

  • Features & Benefits

    • Intelligent control and remote monitoring
    • Modbus integrated as standard
    • Ability to capture and collect temperature data
    • Stylish and low noise
    • Complete customised solution
    • Energy efficient and creating a comfortable environment
    • Suitable for various heat sources
    • Possible to combine with Daikin heat pumps and Biddle air2air heat recovery systems
  • I-Sense

    The patented i-Sense infrared technology scans the environment around the doorway and collects information on indoor and outdoor temperatures by measuring the exact temperature at floor level. The i-Sense can also detect when the door is closed.

  • Rectifier Grille

    The patented rectifier ensures that the turbulent air from the fans is transformed into a virtually laminar air stream. The air stream reaches the floor with much less air speed than it would in a rectifier-free air curtain, whilst ensuring the
    discharge air stream stays within the building.

  • Controlled Air Strength

    The SR Air Curtain offers six different settings, each with its own discharge width that adapts automatically to the climatic conditions around the doorway. As the air curtain strength increases, the air valve adjusts the discharge width, ensuring optimal climate separation. The air volume and discharge velocity increase only as needed, preventing collision with the floor and maximising heat transfer to warm incoming cold air. This results in enhanced indoor comfort and reduced energy consumption, making the Biddle SR Air Curtain an excellent choice for climate control.


    The CHIPS technology automatically adjusts the discharge velocity, air volume, discharge temperature and heat output. Outside, return air and discharge temperature sensors are used to determine how much heat is required and the bespoke control algorithm ‘translates’ the data into the strength (a combination of air volume and velocity) required for complete climate separation and comfort, negating the need for the user to continually adjust the air curtain’s setting when the inside/outside temperatures and/or weather change.

  • Control options

    • Auto-active control
    • Self-regulating
    • Always in the correct setting
    • Intelligent software
    • b-touch control panel
    • Modbus communication
    • B-Connect monitoring
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