Controlled Air Strength

Controlled Air Strength is a groundbreaking technology that has been patented by Biddle, and is incorporated in the SR Air Curtain. 

Adaptable Discharge Width

The Controlled Air strength technology integrated into the SR air curtain offers a range of impressive benefits. One of the most notable is its adaptable discharge width, which can be tailored to meet the specific climatic conditions of any given doorway. With six different settings to choose from, the air valve automatically adjusts the discharge width to optimise climate separation efficiency. As a result, the air volume and discharge velocity increase only as much as is necessary to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature while reducing energy consumption.

Moreover, the SR air curtain ensures that the air does not collide with the floor, resulting in efficient use of all the heat to warm incoming cold air. This not only provides a high level of indoor comfort but also leads to energy efficiency, contributing to the reduction of overall energy costs. With an impressive climate separation efficiency, the SR air curtain stands out as an innovative and reliable solution for climate control in doorways.

Key Advantages

  • Adaptable and perfect discharge width

  • Comfortable indoor temperature

  • 80% climate separation efficiency

  • Energy efficiency

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