BAS XR Gas Air Heater - Industrial Heater

Efficiency, energy saving and total comfort
An indirect fired unit air heater with an innovative burner and heat exchanger combination, and of course provided with the latest control technology. The compact measurements and the high level of comfort make the BAS-XR suitable for many applications and environments such as showrooms, retail stores, sports centres and even in restaurants, but also in traditional industrial environments.

Heat on the right spot
One of the unique characteristics of the BAS-XR is that the heater can be suspended in many positions, either horizontal, vertical or at any angle in between. Therefore easily directing the airflow in the direction required. When discharging vertically, the heater also functions as a destratification fan.

Modulating burner and fan
The burner and the fan are both modulating (down to approx. 60%): the room is brought up to temperature at full load and consequently kept at the desired temperature on partial load. This in turn reduces both the energy consumption and the noise level, providing the most comfortable working conditions.

Vertical gradient (delta T) control
The BAS-XR series uses an advanced control system which increases the comfort even further. Two temperature sensors, one within the heater and one in the room, measure continuously the temperature gradient. Should the temperature gradient increase beyond the adjustable set value, the unit will switch on the fan and circulate the warm air.

Why choose BAS-XR?
  • Variable air distribition
  • Modulating premix burner and fan
  • SS-heat exchanger as standard
  • Very compact
  • Multi-positional

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