Biddle IndAC2 - Industrial Air Curtains

Optimal climate separation
The Biddle IndAC2 air curtain is the perfect solution for climate separation in industrial buildings. The IndAC2 air curtain can be used for climate separation between indoor and outdoor environments and for indoor climate separation.  This product can help to improve comfort levels, boost moral efficiency, whether it be in warehouse or high tech manufacturing plant.

Easy logistics
The IndAC2 keeps the entrance accessible with faster and safer logistics as a result.

Energy savings
Equipped with an automatic control option, the IndACcontinuously chooses the correct settings. In combination with the stepless fans, this automatic control ensures that the air curtain always functions at the right speed, resulting in optimal separation efficiency and significant energy savings. 

Why choose IndAC2?
  • Optimal climate separation
  • Better logistics
  • Comfortable working conditions
  • Energy-saving climate solutions
  • Automatic controls
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