The NOZ2 air heater is equipped with the induction technology. This results in the following advantages:

  • Fast and even air distribution across the room
  • Minimal heat loss through ceiling and walls
  • Low temperature gradient
  • Fewer units needed as large area is covered
  • 15% reduction in required capacity 


 Conventional air heaters Biddle NOZair heaters

Optimal air distribution via induction

The NOZ2 air heater is equipped with adjustable nozzles, through which air is discharged at high velocity. These air streams take in the surrounding static air which leads to a good mixture of air (induction). Through this induction process, the warm air is evenly distributed across the room, resulting in a low temperature gradient. The warm air is quickly and evenly distributed across the large room and does not remain hanging near the ceiling. This keeps the heat loss, through the ceiling and the walls, to a minimum.  The induction is 10 times as potent as the primary air movement and can be calculated with a temperature gradient of only 0.25°C per metre (ISSO 57).  As result of this technology, a pleasant climate is maintained on the work floor. 


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