Double Rectifier

The Double rectifier of the industrial IndAC2 air curtain is based on the patented rectifier technology. Two stacked rectifiers form the basis for this discharge technology. This results in the following advantages:

  • Significant climate separation efficiency (80%)
  • Excellent downward penetration
  • Minimal air volume, air speed and heating capacity
  • Energy efficiency

Without Double rectifier With Double rectifier

Optimal climate separation 
In the Double rectifier, vertical vanes are attached above the horizontal vanes, so that the air flow is more effectively streamlined and a good downward penetration is achieved in the often larger doorways that are common in industrial settings. The Double rectifier takes in (heated) air and subsequently discharges it perpendicularly to the floor, after which the heated air flows into the room again. As the rectifier smooths the air stream from the ventilators, there is no turbulence. Requiring less air than with conventional air curtains, the air stream is reaches the floor, bringing about an optimal climate separation. 


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