VRV Heat Recovery Air Curtain In Conjunction With Daikin

Retailers are being given new opportunities to improve shop floor environments, reduce emissions and save money with the launch of a new air curtain solution connected to the Daikin VRV system.
In conjunction with Biddle, Daikin have introduced the first VRVIII heat recovery air curtain to the market, coupling the benefits of the Biddle patented rectifier and constant air velocity (CA) air curtain technologies with the benefits of Daikin VRVIII with heat recovery.

The first-of-a-kind product is unique in the UK as it is the only solution that removes heat from the shop floor then uses the same heat for over-door heating, achieving high levels of energy efficiency.

Leading retailers who have tested the air curtain solution report estimated cost savings of £1,500 per annum in saved energy and a reduction in CO2 output of over 6 tonnes, when compared to a typical electric air curtain.  In addition to the environmental benefits, in one example, the VRV air curtain has a payback period within three years.

Daikin’s technology works by reclaiming heat from areas of a building where there is excess heat and redirecting this to where it is needed, in this instance through the air curtain. The technology is ideal for applications where air conditioning is required for comfort cooling or for IT rooms.  This reclaimed heat can be used effectively for the over door air curtain.

Daikin is the leading developer of VRV systems and this latest extension to the product range meets the retailers demand for carbon reducing solutions.

“The air curtain solution is suitable for mixed used retail applications such as banks, shops, showrooms and other similar environments involving back office functions together with a shop floor.  In these applications, heat is recovered from behind-the-scenes locations including staff rooms, cash and server rooms, and even lift motor rooms, and then relocated to the door curtain where the need for heat is greatest. The new air curtain is helping to reduce energy consumption by recycling heat rather than using more energy to generate heat. This can only help reduce consumption, costs and CO2 emissions,” explains a spokesman at Daikin UK.

The Biddle CA Air Curtain provides a constant discharge air velocity by varying the outlet air stream width, ensuring energy efficiency and comfort are not compromised at any of the operational speeds. Coupled with the patented discharge rectifier, eliminating turbulence and creating a more convergent air flow, efficiencies of up to 90% can be achieved when compared to an open doorway.

Air curtains connectable to the Daikin VRV are available in three styles : free hanging, cassette and recessed with ducted return air - meaning they can be specified to meet multiple needs of end users.

A further advantage of Daikin’s VRVIII heat recovery system is its capability to offer continuous heating and cooling.  Whilst typical VRF systems stop operating in the defrost mode, Daikin’s VRVIII comprises two heat exchangers in the outdoor unit. This enables the system to defrost each heat exchanger separately, resulting in continuous heating at the indoor unit even during the defrost cycle, maximising comfort for the retail end-user.

For more information on Daikin’s VRVIII Heat Recovery system and the company’s extensive range of innovative and energy efficient solutions visit www.daikin.co.uk.


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