Top Environmental Tips For Businesses

Now more than ever, all businesses should be looking to how they can reduce their carbon footprint. As a recent article on explains, this will not only help the environment, but it also makes good business sense.

What's more, it can help improve the reputation of your company, as more consumers are interested in buying from a brand with eco-friendly credentials. The article offers some helpful tips and advice on how business owners can go about creating a more environmentally friendly workplace. Firstly, you should try to preserve natural resources and make your space as energy-efficient as possible. This includes installing energy-efficient light bulbs; using proper insulation; making sure that equipment is switched off at night and over the weekend; and installing dual flush toilets and automatic taps.

It's also advisable to rethink the waste that your business produces - how can it be reduced? Rather than having waste paper baskets at each desk, consider using designated recycling points for people to put their litter into. You should also cut down on paper as much as possible - encourage staff to do most of their work on screen and to only print when necessary.

If they do need to print something, make sure that you use 100% recycled printer paper. Installing over-door air curtains can also help in this regard; they improve the internal environment by preventing dust and outdoor pollutants from entering, whilst at the same time reducing overall heating costs, as more heat is retained within the conditioned space. Rather than replacing an office heating system, air curtains work alongside it, letting less heat out and keeping more heat in.

This can be particularly useful in busy offices that see a lot of people coming and going, or moving from room to room. In some cases, in fact, heated air curtains can reduce wastage by as much as 70% - making them an essential addition to any workplace.


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