The Benefits Of Air Curtains For Cold And Freezer Rooms

If your business operates a cold or freezer room, energy costs can soon mount up as you struggle to keep the internal space cool and your products in the best possible condition, whilst limiting the damaging effects of air leakage and the constant opening and closing of doors.

When the door of a cold room is opened, air that is either cold or heavy escapes along the ground level; meanwhile, warm air flows in above it - and the more air that enters a space, the harder cooling systems have to work, which can send costs soaring. As well as this, warm air leads to a build-up of moisture which, combined with extreme cold, can develop into hazardous ice.

This can damage your products and become a health and safety hazard for staff operating the room, reducing their visibility and increasing the risk of accidents occurring. One effective solution to this problem is to install air curtains above doors and entryways. These over-door pieces of apparatus separate cold and warm air using an invisible barrier, preventing the cold from escaping and the warmer air from entering.

After being installed by a skilled expert, air curtains are simple to operate and maintain, and can even make business operations easier as there is less need for staff to open doors – often a difficulty in busy factory environments, where workers are carrying heavy loads. This makes them able to work faster and with a greater degree of safety.

As well as this they can be fitted in almost any environment, from smaller doorways to larger scale spaces, so there should be a viable air curtain solution for most businesses.




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