Noz2 Biddle's New Fully Automatic Air Heater Means A Big Step Forward

Biddle has spent a lot of time and experience in the development of the new air heater with the aim to introduce an energy efficient and user-friendly air heater for industrial applications. Model NOZ2 is the successor of the air heater, model NOZ.

Fully automatic and energy efficient
The NOZ2 is now available with the step less automatic CHIPS-control which in combination with the standard EC fans means a highly energy efficient and comfortable solution regarding climate control in large buildings. The integrated CHIPS technology continuously and automatically selects the appropriate setting of the air heater. Just enough warm air is discharged downwards to the floor through the nozzles in adjustable directions. The high velocity induces movement of the surrounding air, resulting in good mixing and the warm air spreading quickly and evenly across a large area. The air heater does no longer function in only one manually chosen position, regardless of the situation.

b-touch control panel
The NOZ2 comes with the Biddle touch control panel: the b-touch. Through the clear touch screen it is very easy to select the required settings via the preprogrammed menu. The NOZ2 arranges everything automatically and can also operate as a stand-
alone. The control panel is no longer needed after installation. When multiple air heaters are installed in one room, only the first unit functions as a master unit.

Nice design
In addition to the new features, the air heater also changed its appearance. The NOZis now available as a standard in dark blue with gray RAL 5011/9006 and completely gray RAL 9006.


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