New Gas Multi Directional Heaters Are Red Hot

A range of new gas multi-directional heaters from Biddle Air Systems have proven an instant hit with customers needing to heat large commercial and industrial  facilities.

Discharging warm air at high speed through fully adjustable nozzles, they induce the movement of surrounding air to enable a good mixing of temperature profiles throughout buildings between 4 and 7m high.

An ideal choice for applications such as factories, warehouses, retail units, exhibition centres and car showrooms, our incredibly popular gas multi-directional NOZ air heaters:

  • Incorporate a highly efficient modulating gas burner.
  • Have 6 independent nozzles that can be adjusted for perfect air distribution.
  • Remove the need for de-stratification fans
  • Allow warm air to be carefully focused on individual areas.
  • Are fitted with high velocity fans.
  • Reduce capital and installation costs by requiring fewer units.
  • Are supplied with Multitherm thermostats for enhanced comfort and efficiency.
  • Compact size; less than 900mm deep

To find out how our gas heaters can provide an effective and aesthetically pleasing solution email us at or call us at 02476 384233.


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