How Air Curtains Can Help Reduce Cooling Costs

Nearly all business owners are wary of costs and search for effective ways to save money. Besides the most obvious money-saving solutions, an article on reminds business leaders that they can reduce their cooling (and heating) costs using air curtains. In warmer months, most businesses turn their thermostats down and make use of air conditioning systems. Maintaining an optimum temperature is essential for ensuring that customers enter the building - and that they wish to stay there.

However, controlling the climate of premises can be a costly affair. Air curtains can reduce cooling costs by preventing the amount of warm air that enters through an entryway. They will also prevent the loss of cooled air, by blocking the entry of hot air when a door is opened and closed. Both of these features mean that you can maintain a desired temperature, without needing to use air conditioning as often, or for as lengthy periods of time. This reduces the amount of energy used by air conditioning units, therefore saving your business valuable money spent on cooling costs. Air curtains also prevent outside contaminants - such as dust and insects – from entering an establishment. This can be invaluable for customers or employees with sensitivity to these contaminants, and can be particularly useful in months where hay fever is prominent.

Air curtains come in a variety models. Most are designed to fit above eight foot doorways; however, many companies have created models to fit in smaller or larger gaps. Air curtain length can also vary - some need only to be a little shorter than the width of the doorway, whereas other companies find that extra-long curtains, or several in a row, have a greater impact. You also choose the right strength to fit the requirements of your company. For example, air curtains made for walk-in freezers must work harder to account for the drastic difference in temperatures. Businesses that work in dusty or bug infested areas may look for air curtains that are best at filtering such contaminants.

Whatever your needs, air curtains are certain to save you money on the costs of climate control, and may even bring you a greater return as customers are happy to stay on site longer.


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