How Air Curtains Can Benefit 'Drive Through' Businesses

Air curtains have been used for many years in doorways to shops and restaurants, to provide a welcoming entrance to visitors. However, there has been some debate among contractors about whether air curtains need to be fitted above drive-through service windows. According to an article on Air Conditioning Heating and Refrigeration (ACHR) News, research shows that the benefits are highly significant, and that contractors and business owners alike should take these into account. In the US, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has listed all drive-through restaurant windows as a potential health hazard for IAQ (indoor air quality), affecting both the staff and customers inside the building. This is due to carbon monoxide and other vehicle emission pollutants entering the through the window – traces of which were found inside stores in Ohio. Similarly, another health hazard for employees is the cold temperatures that staff operating the window can be exposed to. In the long term, this could cause further incidences of staff sickness, thus costing leaders unnecessary expense.

Studies also show that a comfortable working environment can help to reduce high levels of staff turnover in the industry. For these reasons, air curtains can provide the perfect solution. And with drive-through businesses booming in today's rapidly paced world, we could see more buildings incorporating this service. Instalment of air curtain systems takes very little time and causes little disruption to usual business operations. The heating control element allows for greater comfort – for both staff and employees – whilst the stream of air filters emissions and pollutants from outside. Another benefit, researchers found, is that it eliminates fly and insect infiltration, thus improving sanitary conditions on the premises.

Reference: Achrnews


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