Finding The Right Heating Solution For Your Entrance

There are so many heating and air conditioning units for businesses to choose from these days that it can be difficult knowing where to start.

A recent article on Voltimum looked at some specific needs of various sectors, and suggested which heating solutions would be most suitable.

The first instance was business owners who prefer to leave their main doors open - usually retail premises - but are concerned about wasting money on heating bills in the colder months. The solution: Air curtains will 'seal the gap' between the exterior and interior environments, acting almost as a doorway in itself, whilst encouraging customers to enter. The rapid airstream means heat inside the main building is retained and less heat lost.

The second example was in larger buildings that have doorways a few metres high. Many owners feel that air curtains would not reach all the way to the ground, thus reducing their performance and wasting energy. The solution: There are now high-performance air curtains that have greater maximum mounting heights, meaning they can be installed over higher entryways; so just make sure that you choose the right product.

The third example was buildings that already have an air curtain fitted, but find that it sometimes runs unecessarily - ie. when the doors are closed - as staff forget to switch it off or find it too much of a hassle. The solution: Update your air curtain to one that features additional controls, such as auto energy control or PIR sensors. These link up to a Building Management system, helping you to manage the performance of your unit.

Finally, the article raised the issue of businesses with multiple entrances that are simply too big for air curtains, such as industrial warehouses. The solution: In this instance, industrial air curtains are more beneficial. These deliver high airstream levels of up to six metres in height, and improve the working conditions for those operating the warehouse whilst helping to reduce energy costs.


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