Controlling Temperatures In Retail Premises

When it comes to maintaining optimum temperature conditions, winter can be a tricky time for retail owners. Often, doors need to be closed to keep the cold air out and customers inside warm; but this can put off potential customers from entering, reducing footfall into the premises and therefore affecting business.

One of the solutions to this problem can be installing over door air curtains in the entryway, which provide a stream of warming air to those entering the shop. This means that doors can be left open, attracting a greater amount of customers. Heated air curtains work by reducing natural convection, circulating air across a doorway. The entering cold air is heated to around 20-25°C, with warm air being derived from various sources. Figures show that an average double doorway can lose in the region of 32kW of energy every year. At 10p per kW, this soon adds up – to around £7,000 worth of energy losses each year, in fact.

Thankfully, heated air curtains can reduce this energy wastage by up to 70%, resulting in huge financial savings. As well as encouraging customers to enter a shop, improving the environmental conditions can make them stay longer as well, as they are likely to feel more comfortable. What's more, staff will also feel more at ease and have more energy and enthusiasm to do their jobs.

Of course, for air curtains to operate properly it is essential that they are designed, chosen and installed correctly - by people who understand how the technology works. Biddle Climate Solutions, for example, are experts who design, build and install sustainable and effective climate control solutions for a range of industries.


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