Controlling Comfort And Saving Energy

Adjusting a conventional air curtain in response to changing weather conditions can be problematic. When set to run faster in winter for instance, the increased turbulence can cause heat loss resulting in wasted energy.

Biddle has engineered a solution using controlled air strength or CA technology which regulates the air stream velocity of the air curtain. In addition CHIPS technology automatically controls the air curtain to compensate for variation in outdoor temperature. This ensures optimum climate separation and up to 75% energy saving when compared with air curtains using manual control.

Invisidor CA2 air curtains:

  • Automatically controlled using CHIPS technology
  • Deliver an air stream at the perfect velocity volume and temperature
  • Full Manual control with 6 air strength settings
  • Use high efficiency water coils which can operate on a wide range of water temperatures between 45/35 and 70/90 °C

To find out how a Biddle air curtain solution can save money call us today on 02476384233.


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