Biddle Launches Gas Version Of NOZ Multidirectional Air Heater

Biddle Air Systems has expanded its range of NOZ multidirectional air heaters by introducing a gas version, providing customers with even more choice for heating large commercial buildings.

With six individually adjustable nozzles that can be positioned to provide optimum air distribution in large commercial buildings, NOZ air heaters enable users to focus warm air on specific areas, or to distribute it more generally. Typical applications include factories, warehouses, workshops, out of town retail outlets, exhibition centres and car showrooms, but they can be installed in any large commercial building of approximately 4 to 16 meters high.

The new 25kW NOZ G gas version utilises a gas burner to deliver heated air. NOZ G’s striking nozzle design has functional as well as aesthetic value. Warm air is discharged downwards through the nozzles at high velocity (the fans operate at 130V or 190V). This induces movement of the surrounding air, resulting in good mixing and enabling the warm air to spread quickly and evenly across a large area. This helps to reduce capital and installation costs, as fewer units are required to heat a relatively large space.

When coupled with the Multitherm thermostat, NOZ G offers increased comfort levels and system efficiencies, as the gas burner is only operational when there is demand for heat. Together the NOZ G and Multitherm thermostat effectively minimise any floor to ceiling temperature gradient – delivering thermal destratification. The thermostat measures the temperature difference at the top and bottom of the room using two temperature sensors: one on the unit and one in the room thermostat. When the temperature gradient exceeds a preset amount, the hot air at the top of the room is moved down and the unit will stop heating until the temperature difference is eliminated.

NOZ G works on a closed system and takes in fresh air from outside and discharges combustion gases out of the building. This exchange of air is separate to the air circulated within the building by the NOZ heater. The unit is fitted with an isolation switch to disconnect the unit from the mains supply for ease of installation, maintenance and repair.

Manufactured at Biddle’s facility in the Netherlands, the air heater can also be used for ventilation when fresh air is required in a building. All the additional parts required to convert it from an air heater to a fresh air distributor are available from Biddle.

Andrew Saxon from Biddle said: “Our NOZ range of commercial air heaters has been very popular, being an efficient and flexible solution to providing directional or general heat in large areas. We have added a gas version of the product to make it an even more adaptable solution for our customers, putting them in greater control of how they want to heat their premises. The NOZ design is very eye-catching and futuristic, and the technology has been future proofed, with the range certified as ErP-ready.”

Biddle is a producer and supplier of innovative, high-quality climate control and climate separation equipment. For further information call 024 7638 4233.


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