Improving employee safety with air curtains


The major benefit of using air curtains is significantly reduced energy usage, thus saving businesses money whilst improving their green credentials. However, as an article on the Berner website highlights, air curtains can also provide a low-cost way to improve employee safety levels in the workplace. Drive-through…

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Air curtains now being embraced by a range of sectors


Over the past few years, a number of technological advances have greatly improved the efficiency of air curtains. Air curtains are installed above a doorway, sending a continual stream of air in order to separate the external and internal environments. Not only does this regulate the temperature inside…

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How air curtains can benefit drive-through business


Air curtains have been used for many years in doorways to shops and restaurants, to provide a welcoming entrance to visitors. However, there has been some debate among contractors about whether air curtains need to be fitted above drive-through service windows. According to an article on Air Conditioning…

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More building owners investing in energy-efficiency


By the year 2023, global investment in making commercial buildings more energy-efficient will reach almost $960 billion, Forbes reports. According to recent Navigant Research, building owners and managers will invest more money in installing energy-efficient heating, air conditioning and ventilation…

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Controlling temperatures in retail premises


When it comes to maintaining optimum temperature conditions, winter can be a tricky time for retail owners. Often, doors need to be closed to keep the cold air out and customers inside warm; but this can put off potential customers from entering, reducing footfall into the premises and therefore affecting…

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How air curtains reduce cooling costs


Nearly all business owners are wary of costs and search for effective ways to save money. Besides the most obvious money-saving solutions, an article on reminds business leaders that they can reduce their cooling (and heating) costs using air curtains. In warmer months, most…

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Top environmental tips for businesses


Now more than ever, all businesses should be looking to how they can reduce their carbon footprint. As a recent article on explains, this will not only help the environment, but it also makes good business sense. What's more, it can help improve the reputation of your company, as more…

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Marks & Spencer installs air curtains in eco-friendly branch


The Marks & Spencer store on Northumberland Street in Newcastle recently installed high velocity air curtains as part of its eco-friendly retrofit, the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Magazine reports. The branch has been hailed as one of the most environmentally-friendly stores in the North East…

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New automatic industrial air curtain model IndAC2 has it all


With the new fully automatic industrial air curtain, model IndAC2 ­, Biddle takes a huge step forward in climate solutions for industrial buildings. The IndAC2 is the successor of the renowned IndAC industrial air curtain. The fully automatic control of the IndAC2 continuously selects the correct temperature…

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NOZ2 - Biddle's new fully automatic air heater means a big step forward


Biddle has spent a lot of time and experience in the development of the new air heater with the aim to introduce an energy efficient and user-friendly air heater for industrial applications. Model NOZ2 is the successor of the air heater, model NOZ. Fully automatic and energy efficientThe NOZ2 is now…

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