HANOS: optimal climate separation

HANOS is an international wholesaler that supplies the catering sector and the corporate market. HANOS has chosen to invest in our complete Biddle climate concept. Biddle air curtains ensure the ideal climate separation between cooled and “warmer” departments and between the cooling and freezing stores at HANOS. Our air curtain contributes to 80% reduction in freezing store energy consumption.

Case study

Rob Kuijpers - Hanos

““Our full co-operation with Biddle is ideal and efficient as they take full responsibility of all situations and works effectively to find a solution. We have been in partnership with alongside Biddle for many years which have all being productive and successful. Biddle air curtains have been applied with another project in which it resolved the issue at hand which was a slippery floor nearby the doorway. Due to this positive experience, we have chosen more Biddle products for other projects. Biddle climate separation just works!“”


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